Critique, elevator pitch and deep POV workshop by Lisa Chaplin


This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a writing workshop hosted by author Lisa Chaplin. It was an all-day program that covered topics ranging from plot and learning the Triple Arc in the morning, to an entire afternoon on Deep POV for your characters.

Prior to the workshop, Lisa had each of us send her a sample of our manuscripts or works-in-progress. From there, she took the time to, not only assess our writing, but also tailored the workshop around aiding us in our individual writing journeys.

We started the day learning how to write a professional elevator pitch for our manuscripts, as well as how to capture readers with an irresistible first line. After morning tea, it was an intensive session on learning how to plot using the Three Arc structure, a story board and a very cool visual synopsis, all the while applying what we learnt to our own manuscripts.

In the afternoon, we worked on developing deep point of view for our characters, where were surprised with all kinds of sensory aids in helping us to tap into the inner workings of our character’s minds. Then finally, at the end of the day, we were granted our, line-by-line, critiqued ten pages that we had handed in to Lisa before the workshop.

Needless to say, we came out of the workshop with our minds full, and our writing fires burning hot. It was a fantastic day, a definite must do for anyone and everyone interested in developing their writing skills and taking those fist steps into the publishing world.



A little about Lisa:

Lisa has written over 20 titles worldwide for publishers ranging from Harlequin to Harper Collins. Not only does she have an extensive resume in writing, but Lisa has had the opportunity to mentor other writers, many who have even gone on to sell their own books. Her latest book, The Tide Watchers was published by William Morrow Books (a division of Harper Collins, NY) and can be found on shelf in one of the Blue Mountains libraries.

For anyone interested in attending one of her workshops, more information can be found on her facebook page:


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