Writers Group’s ghost stories

ghost stories

Our writing group meets once a month. On alternate meetings, someone throws a prompt or two into the ring, and we all write to it for 20 to 30 minutes. We then read our work to the group.

Truly interesting things happen when you do this. There is no time to second-guess yourself: your subconscious mind and your experience throw up something and you begin writing to it, not knowing if there is a shape to what you write, knowing nothing but the first thought you put down.

Recently we wrote to the prompt stated below and five of us offer you the resulting writing.

Most of our offerings here remain short, though rounded off. Richard’s story, the last one, grew to short-story length.

Write a story about a ghost 

In order to avoid writing something clichéd or overly traditional, there are two rules: 

  1. You must not use the following words: pale, white, sheet, spirit, or fluttering. 
  2. You must use at least five of the following ten words: button, farm, clouds, ears, footprint, satchel, corner, ducks, flag, bilberries (words taken from Thursbitch by Alan Garner)

Click on the images to read the stories.

Martha say

Ghost story Alison

Ghost Story Raewyn


A single step


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