A gift of stories

The members of one of the writers’ groups meeting monthly at Katoomba Library have decided to share with you some of their writing. We hope you will enjoy their short stories.

Story Thumbnails

Richard is an itinerant gardener who neither fishes nor writes as much as he would like. The story is set in those long moments of falling from a position of pride.


Story Thumbnails (1)

Jane is a scribbler who loves words and likes to write short stories with twists and turns. Her contribution is based on one of the prompts at writing sessions, and it has a seasonal message of sorts.


Story Thumbnails (2)

Kaye believes choosing words is a bit like making jewellery where the arrangement of different shapes and colours aims to produce the desired effect. Threading ideas together is always a challenge.


Story Thumbnails (3)

Therese started working creatively with words and story less than two years ago, and likes to think her work is a jumble of fairytale, magic realism and nature-based themes. The “Solitary Woman” is particularly special for being the first story that she wrote, as well as showcasing one guise of a well-loved archetypal character—the healer–herbalist–witch–wild woman—whom she hopes to write more about in the future.


Story Thumbnails (4)

Could Alison have written this piece because her son and his wife have just had their first child? Obviously! But also because small intimate moments are the stuff of which real life is made.



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